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Thread: Sask commits to mandatory training for semi drivers

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    Default Re: Sask commits to mandatory training for semi drivers

    It seems as though the Province of New Brunswick will also be getting on side with "mandated training". There are at least 4 schools operating in the Province, including NBCC which opened a program this year.

    This is all well and good but the fact remains, "you can't institutionalize competence". Every single driver, regardless of vehicle type, has a license in their wallet or purse yet, what do we get ?

    No matter the training, new drivers will never be as good as 30 year veterans. I remain amused at folks who suggest; "anyone who doesn't know as least as much as I do is an idiot" ! They may be more accurate in their assessment than they realize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_martell View Post
    Ontario does the same. I think its only written between 65 and 75 (maybe 80) and road tests beyond that. I believe both the former and latter are done annually.Ontario also recently made it so "D" class license holders (myself) need to have a physical done annually in order to keep their license. Before, the D license was a "get it and forget it" ticket. Air brakes ("Z" endorsement in Ontario) is required every 5 years, when you renew your license...
    Medical will be every 5 years under age 46 and every 3 years from 46 to 65 for A maybe 80 for DPosted via Mobile Device

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    Default Re: Sask commits to mandatory training for semi drivers

    Training won't fix stupid. Its a stop light/sign. Anyone see this from April 27?


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    Default Re: Sask commits to mandatory training for semi drivers

    This will fix the problem how? I saw In Kamloops yesterday, the local Transport Training from Thompson Rivers University. They filled up with fuel and parked along the fence in the no parking area..... Really? all kinds of open spots. Perfect time and place to practice . I don't get it .

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