Retaliatory tariffs are in full effect against the United States, as Canada strikes back amid rising trade tensions.
Truck drivers who make a living transporting goods across the border say they’re beginning to feel the pressure of a trade dispute.
As Canadians celebrated the country’s birthday yesterday, $16.6 billion worth of retaliatory tariffs against the US came into effect.
It comes as Donald Trump, who’s already put tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum, threatens auto tariffs.

Chuck Burns, a truck driver for steel distributor Samuel Son & Co., says he’s already noticed a significant slow down in business due to the tariffs, and he’s not alone in his concerns.

Other truck drivers making multiple trips across the Canada/US border each week say they’re beginning to worry about the future of their jobs.
An uncertainty that’s heightened by the ongoing NAFTA re-negotiations, which Trump says he will delay signing until after midterm elections.
This as Canadians online threaten to stop buying American goods and boycott travel plans to the country.

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