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Thread: Class D changes effective July 1

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    TORONTO, Ont. — July 1 marks Canada Day, but in Ontario it will also mean tougher standards for renewing Class D licences, as the province brings related medicals and knowledge and vision tests in line with other commercial classes.

    Class D licence holders up to 80 years old will now be subject to a Class D knowledge test and vision test every five years, when they renew their licences. Air brake knowledge tests for a Z endorsement will occur at the same time. Drivers 65 to 79 years old, with three demerit points or an at-fault collision on their record, will have to take a road test as well.

    Medical reports will have to be submitted every five years for those under 46, three years for those 46-64, and annually for those 65 and older. Forms will be mailed to licence holders 90 days in advance of the due date.

    A Class D licence allows someone to drive any truck or vehicle combination exceeding 11,000 kg, provided that the towed vehicle weighs less than 4,600 kg.

    Source of article click here : Today's Trucking
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    ....a few more hoops to jump through when I renew my DZ in 2020
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    A minor problem with the way medicals are handled in ON. For over 65 they are good only a year from the date on the medical so for ex if you do a medical today it would be good until 2019 07 06 but if you do another 1 3 months in advance to be sure there is no problem that NEW medical expires in 2020 04 06 so you lose 3 months and so on

    For those on the 5 year plan it's not as much of an issue.

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    Medical for a license in Ontario is pretty lame unless the person has obvious issues. I go to a nurse practioner who checks blood pressure and heart rate, that's it thats all. Answer NO to all questions on the medical form.

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    • here is the detaileotice forClass D
    • Class D licence renewal and medical requirements have changed
      • Before you renew your Class D licence, you will need to pass a knowledge and vision test
      • To maintain your Class D licence you will need to submit a Medical Report form

    • Drivers of commercial vehicles will be subject to zero tolerance laws based on the presence of alcohol and/or drugs. Penalties include:
      • Immediate 3 day roadside licence suspension
      • $198 penalty
      • Remedial measures and ignition interlock based on the number of applicable suspensions a customer has had within the previous 10 year period

    • For the purposes of the new sanctions, commercial vehicles will be defined as any of the following:
      • A vehicle that requires the driver to hold a Class A, B, C, D, E or F driver’s licence
      • A road-building machine
      • A vehicle that requires a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration

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