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Same fish as shown in the mount, but just freshly caught!

Note that the tail is forked not square like a Brown, and the back is not humped like a mature Pink Salmon. The spots and the colors are also not true to Brown's usual, too. It was caught on a large dew worm in front of other fishermen that had tried for several hours with fresh Chinook roe to entice it, and from the wrong side of the river bend (outside and from on top of the cliff bank!) I was known to kink in a clump of dirt and drift a worm in along the tail of the dirt plume in the stream, it works!

100_0689.JPG DCP_4094.JPG Hybrid_Fish,_think_cross_between__Brown_Trout___Pink_Salmon_9_25#.jpg 2006-11-25.jpg Rod_s_cache.jpg