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Diesel hit hard in Federal Excise Tax changes
Trucking News

TORONTO, ON – Planned changes to the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on diesel fuel would eliminate exemptions for Temperature Control Units like reefers, Auxiliary Power Units, bunk heaters, and Power Take-Off units. And that threatens annual refunds of $800 to $1,000 per tractor-trailer as of July 1, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

“I am extremely disappointed,” says chairman Gene Orlick. “The decision to drop this rebate is because another industry [airlines] abused the system, making unique claims for lighting and other electricity in their operations.”

When the Federal Excise Tax was first added to diesel in 1982, it was only meant to be applied to transportation fuel, according to a CTA briefing note citing new language in the federal budget's Notice of Ways and Means Motion.

“Excise taxes are generally intended to be imposed on luxury products such as jewelry, tobacco and alcohol. Excise taxes are not meant to increase the cost of basic provisions such as food, pharmaceuticals and shelter,” the CTA adds. “Eliminating FET refunds on temperature controlled and PTO units will increase the transportation cost of the food and other important products Canadian families rely on.”

The fuel used to heat a building that stores such goods will not be subject to the tax. Put the storage on wheels and it’s a different story. And while the diesel used to control in-cab temperatures will be affected, the fuel used for residential heating or generating electricity will not. “For many truck drivers who drive across the continent, their truck cabin is their shelter and home,” CTA says. “The proposed amendments will result in diesel fuel used in APUs [Auxiliary Power Units] being subjected to the FET. This is wrong.”

While the Canada Revenue Agency struggled to audit the claims made by other industries, equipment like that cited by CTA has separate fuel tanks and meters, making auditing possible.

“If there are problems with a particular sector and technologies, [the Department of] Finance should identify them and impose sanctions directly on those sectors, rather than lump in trucking under a blanket policy,” the CTA briefing note says.

Source of article click here: Today's Trucking

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Volvo to pay BC trucking couple $4.8M from negligence suit
Trucking News
VANCOUVER, BC — A British Columbia Supreme Court has awarded a husband and wife trucking team more than $4.8 million from a lawsuit that alleged negligence from Volvo Trucks. The claim was in relation to an electrical system failure that occurred on a Manitoba highway in 2009.

According to the court’s judgment, trucking couple Amandeep Hans and his wife, Pavandeep, of Surrey, B.C., lost all electrical power, including headlights, interior lights and power steering in their 2009 Volvo 780.

The trailer swayed wildly and eventually jackknifed on the Trans-Canada Highway.

June 23 court documents describe the scene further: “Sparks began to fly amid the sound of screaming tires as the landing gear of the trailer scraped along the highway. The trailer jack-knifed and came towards the driver’s side of the truck’s cab. The driver and his wife, who had been resting in a bunk to the rear of the cab, both feared they would die.”

While the B.C.-based couple escaped serious physical injury, they claim that the incident has left severe psychological trauma.

The pair had been driving as a team since June 2005.

It was admitted by Volvo that the collision was caused by a loose nut on the cab positive terminal.

The Province of British Columbia was also awarded nearly $200,000 from Volvo to cover medical costs.

Source of article click here:  Today's Trucking

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Second leg of Healthy Fleet Challenge begins July 1
Trucking News

LONDON, Ont. — Leg two of the 2016 Healthy Fleet Challenge is about to get underway July 1.

There will be a fresh leaderboard as the July walking challenge begins. This year, organizers at Healthy Trucker broke the competition up into three segments: May 1-May 31, July 1-July 31 and Sept. 1-Sept. 30.

“In May, we saw Stream Logistics take the main title, and Elgin Motor Freight took the title for teams with over 10 participants. Will they be able to hold these titles, or will a new contender swoop in and take over? We’ll have to wait and see!” organizers said.

Participants can track their steps using wearable technologies or by using their smartphone. Healthy Trucker says many fleets provide or partially reimburse employees for their devices, to encourage participation.

Other fleets are providing prizes for their most active employees. For instance, Harold Marcus of Bothwell, Ont. gives a paid day off to one of its participants, which the company says increased participation. For those who don’t have the ability to track their steps using a step tracker or smartphone, a paper activity calendar is available at For more info, e-mail

Source of article click here: Truck News

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Alberta truck drivers compete for championships in Red Deer
Trucking News

RED DEER, Alta. – The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) has released the official results of its 2016 Professional Truck Driving Championships held in Red Deer June 25.

Also known as the Roadeo, the event features truck driving competitions in several divisions, including straight truck, single, single tandem, tandem and B-train.

Drivers from across the province competed for the honorary titles and prizes, and the chance to represent Alberta in the National Truck Driving Championships in Brantford, Ont. this September.

Here is the list of winners in each division from first to third place:

Straight truck – Keith Franklin (Canadian Freightways); Alex Smith (H&R Transport); Carey Naismith (LTT).

Single – Darren Hodgkins (Bison Transport); Darren Tychkowsky (Fedex); Shaun Thompson (Grimshaw Trucking).

Single tandem – David Lowe (Bison Transport); Kevin Chapman (CCT Canada); Gregory Cresine (LTT).

Tandem – Rod Harrison (Canadian Freightways); Tim Bingley (Lac La Biche Transport); Curtis Phillips (Safeway Sobeys West).

B-train – Robert Smith (TDL); Ron Johnstone (Canadian Freightways); Terry Saitz (Home Hardware).

Awards also went to Rod Harrison (Canadian Freightways), who was named Grand Champion, Terry Saitz (Home Hardware) as Rookie of the Year, and the Team Award went to Bison Transport.

Drivers competed in the 2016 AMTA Professional Truck Driving Championships in Red Deer June 25.

Drivers competed in the 2016 AMTA Professional Truck Driving Championships in Red Deer June 25.

Source of article click here: Truck News

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Truckers wary of collision with U.S. laws
Trucking News

OTTAWA — Canadian truckers fear a planned new border security measure will steer them into a complicated maze of U.S. law that dents their pocketbooks — or even creates immigration difficulties.

The Liberal government recently introduced legislation that would step up the exchange of information with Washington about people crossing the Canada-U.S. border.

The system involves swapping entry information collected from travellers at the land border, so that data on entry to one country serves as a record of exit from the other.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance wants assurances U.S. authorities won't use the data to unduly argue that Canadian drivers are spending enough time south of the border to be considered American residents for tax purposes.

"This could cause some truckers to exit the market, creating potential capacity shortages in the transborder trucking space," alliance president David Bradley warned Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in a letter.

"There already is a chronic shortage of truck drivers in Canada."

Under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service's "substantial presence test," a person can be subject to U.S. tax on their worldwide income if they spend more than 120 days annually in the United States, Bradley noted in the November letter, released under the Access to Information Act.

Someone who spends more than 180 days in the United States in any 12-month period could face sanctions for being unlawfully present, he added.

The alliance, which represents some 150,000 workers, says a big part of the problem is that any portion of a 24-hour period spent on U.S. soil might be chalked up as a day.

"If we count a few minutes to drop off a load and go back as a day in the United States, that could lead to some issues," Bradley said in an interview. "So it's a matter of interpretation. And I think that we would like clarification."

The new system could mean "much more administration" in terms of route planning for Canadian drivers wary of surpassing the time thresholds, Bradley said.

"These things are all subject to appeal and to review and interpretation. But once you get into those processes, even if you're right, it's costly and time-consuming and really not productive."

Canadians travelling to the United States have always been responsible for complying with local obligations, said Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Goodale.

"The federal government continues to work with stakeholders to grow our economy and help Canadians do business, and is open to discussing issues of concern to them."

Bradley hinted he has received some positive signals on the issue from Canadian officials.

"I think that, as a general rule, the government of Canada understands certainly much better than the U.S. federal government the economic imperative of trade facilitation versus security. But this is the world we live in, and we're going to have to see how things play out."

Source of article click here:  Guelph Mercury Tribune

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Ryder opens pre-owned truck facility in Calgary
Trucking News

CALGARY, AB -- Ryder System has opened a new "state of the art" pre-owned truck sales facility in Calgary, at 4535 8A Street N.E.

The 7140-sq-ft shop, now open for business, sits on 1.78 acres of land and will feature a reconditioning operation where pre-owned vehicles are serviced. The operations included in this new facility were previously located at a shared Ryder commercial rental location elsewhere in the city. It will now solely service pre-owned commercial vehicle sales customers.

“Ryder is committed to offering the greatest selection of pre-owned commercial vehicles for sale at prices that make sense for our customers in Canada,” said Michael Cagney, Ryder Canada director for asset management. “As the Alberta market grows, we’ll grow with it. With our new facility, we can provide customers in Alberta with more quality pre-owned commercial vehicle options in a larger, more modern space that is dedicated solely to their purchasing needs.”

A grand opening event will be held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesday, July 13, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:00 a.m. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided.

The new store will be open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. It's conveniently located near the 32nd and Deerfoot intersection.

Ryder sells more than 17,000 vehicles a year from over 59 used truck centers across North America, including six in Canada.

Source of article click here: Today's Trucking

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Rollover crash snarls traffic in Valleyview
Trucking News

Image Credit: CFJC Today

KAMLOOPS — A rollover crash led to traffic headaches on the East Trans Canada Highway in Valleyview this morning.

Just before 9:00 a.m., an eastbound truck carrying a camper ended up on its side after rolling in front of the Kamloops Mazda dealership near River Road.

A Kamloops Fire Rescue responder on scene told CFJC Today the lone occupant of the truck was taken to Royal Inland Hospital suffering from neck and back injuries.

The cause of the crash is unclear.

Source of article click here: CFJC Today

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Do You Know a Highway Hero?
Trucking News

Do you know a truck driving hero? The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. wants to hear the story. Goodyear is accepting nominations for its 34th Highway Hero Award at the following website,, through November 29. To nominate a truck driver for the Highway Hero Award, click on this link, fill out the nomination form, and hit the “submit” button, which will send your nomination directly to Goodyear.

The Goodyear Highway Hero Award was established in 1983 to honor professional truck drivers who put themselves in harm’s way to help others.

Goodyear will announce the 34th Highway Hero Award winner next March during the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

This year’s Goodyear Highway Hero Award winner, Julian Kaczor, a truck driver from Utica, N.Y., pulled a severely injured motorist from a flame-engulfed car. Past Goodyear Highway Hero Award winners include a truck driver who rescued a law enforcement officer who was being strangled by a prisoner he was transporting, a driver who saved a woman from a gun-wielding attacker, and others.

“For more than 30 years, the Goodyear Highway Hero Award has honored professional truck drivers who put their lives on the line to help others during the course of their daily work,” said Gary Medalis, marketing director, Goodyear. “If you are aware of a truck driver who deserves recognition for saving another person from a life-threatening situation, please let us know.”

To be considered, Goodyear Highway Hero Award candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a full-time truck driver.
  • Must reside in the United States or Canada.
  • The heroic incident must have happened in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Nominee’s truck must have had 12 wheels or more at the time of the incident.
  • Nominee must have been on the job – or on the way to or from work, in his or her truck – at the time of the incident.
  • Incident must have taken place between Nov. 16, 2015, and Nov. 16, 2016.

A panel of trucking industry judges will ultimately select the 34th Goodyear Highway Hero from a list of Goodyear Highway Hero Award finalists. (Final approval of Goodyear Highway Hero Award semi-finalists, finalists and the Highway Hero Award winner is at Goodyear’s sole discretion. Finalists must clear background checks to Goodyear’s satisfaction.)

Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here for a copy of contest rules.

Source: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

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Distracted driving fines lead OPP's 'Operation Corridor'
Trucking News

Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving (CNW Group/The Co-operators)

LONDON, ON — The Ontario Provincial Police’s June 16 Operation Corridor crackdown on commercial trucks netted 52 distracted driving offences, while officials with the Ministry of Transportation took 11 trucks out of service. 

OPP officials reported that when they pulled up alongside one truck driver, the driver offered police a rude hand gesture while he spoke on his cell phone. He was charged with distracted driving, a fine of approximately $490 in Ontario.

Meanwhile, another truck driver, police said, received two cell phone violation in less than an hour during Operation Corridor. 

Other notable statistics from the one-day blitz included two drug seizures; 37 seatbelt charges; 15 speeding charges; two logbook violations; and five fines for prohibited use of the left lane. 

“These numbers are reflective of ongoing issues we see in collisions involving CMV’s,” said OPP West Region Insp. Lisa Andersen. 

Last week, the newly-created Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving wrapped up its first ever meeting, a two-day working session in Ottawa where it began work on creating a National Action Plan to combat distracted driving.

Source of article click here:  Today's Trucking

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Maritime-Ontario adds 250 intermodal containers to fleet
Trucking News

BRAMPTON, Ont. — Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines has announced the purchase of 250 53-ft. domestic intermodal containers.

The addition includes 125 heated and 125 refrigerated containers, with reefers supplied by Carrier Transicold. The company says the containers will be deployed by the third quarter.

Each container comes with M-O’s captive beam logistic loading system and ibright telematics, the company announced. This allows M-O and its customers to monitor temperatures in real-time while goods are in transit.

They were also spec’d with electric capabilities to reduce emissions.

Source of article click here: Truck News

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Ontario's MELT standard coming any day
Trucking News

BRAMPTON, ON — The days of basically being able to walk in off the street and take a tractor-trailer test with no training whatsoever are over, said Ontario Trucking Association head David Bradley, who stood by the province’s Minister of Transportation Tuesday as he announced a new driver training plan that aims to boost driver quality and abolish so-called licensing mills. 

Minister of Transportation, Steven Del Duca, and OTA head David Bradley publicly announce MELT Tuesday in Brampton, ON.

Class A mandatory entry-level training, known as MELT, will kick in for Ontario’s trucking industry on July 1, 2017, announced Minister Steven Del Duca at a driving test centre in Brampton, ON. While full details of the new standard will be released in the coming days, Del Duca noted that the new training will take about four to six weeks to complete, and that schools approved by the province will have one year to shift their curriculum to the new provincial training standard.  

The new standard is expected to encompass some 100 hours of training for new drivers. Officials have suggested the standard will include 36.5 hours in the classroom, 17 hours in yard, 18 hours behind the wheel and off the road, and 32 hours on the road. Another 12 hours of air brake training is available, but won’t be mandated. 

“These people are aspiring to enter a true profession that provides foundational support for Ontario’s economy, and by raising the standard […] the government is recognizing that it’s important for us,” Del Duca told reporters. 

There is currently no Class A minimum training standard, which has allowed some schools to teach students to pass licensing tests alone. 

“In the old days it was, ‘thou shalt be able to back up,’ which doesn’t provide a whole lot of direction,” said Bradley. “People have been opting for the $300 special, and then wonder why they can’t get hired.” 

The Ontario Trucking Association released a statement following the announcement which addressed the perception that it’s self-defeating to raise the bar on driver training and licensing at a time when the industry is facing a long-term, chronic driver shortage. But Bradley says the stricter training will in fact help the industry to attract more, better qualified people to the occupation.   

“Everyone, from the CTA Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage, to the Conference Board of Canada, to just about everyone else in the industry, has identified the fact that tractor-trailer driving is erroneously classified as a low-skill occupation, which acts as a barrier to attracting people to the job,” he said. “Mandatory entry level training is an essential step in changing that perception and the classification.” 

In terms of addressing the problem of licence shopping and swapping through various jurisdictions, Bradley and Del Duca admitted there will be some work to do. 

Bradley said other jurisdictions are taking note of Ontario’s leadership on the MELT front. 

“The interest level being generated in other provinces hasn’t existed before,” he said. 

Private Motor Truck Council of Canada president Mike Millian echoed Bradley's interest in MELT moving beyond Ontario borders.

“I believe this standard has the real opportunity to be a trendsetter and something that can hopefully be repeated at other jurisdictions across this land," said Millian.

Source of article click here: Today's Trucking

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Andy Transport opens maintenance center in Boucherville
Trucking News

SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD, Que. – For the second time in six months, Andy Transport has acquired a new maintenance center, this time in Boucherville, Que.

The over 96,000 square foot, 18 bay location is the third to be strategically placed in the proximity of Andy Transport’s terminals in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Montreal and now in Boucherville, each running at full capacity and providing 24-hour full service maintenance.

Andy Transport has also entered into a partnership with Le Centre du Camion Ste-Marie, a distributor of Mack, Volvo and Isuzu.

“Due to the high demand of our clients, we decided to open the first Mack dealership on the South Shore of Montreal,” said Marc Tardif, president of Le Centre du Camion Ste-Marie. “We will be opening a full service dealership with a sales and a service team for Mack, Volvo and Isuzu products.”

Llie Crisan, president of Andy Transport, said the partnership was not just strategic, but also a natural fit.

“They will occupy 12 truck bays and we will occupy the rest of the building,” Crisan said. “It is another big step in our effort to lower our fleet maintenance operating costs, while reducing the commute and downtime of our drivers based out of the Boucherville terminal.”

“This new maintenance center enables us to provide an even better support to our fleet in the South Shore area of Montreal,” added Daniel Barbu, fleet manager of Andy Transport. “The acquisition and operation of a first Andy paint shop represents a key milestone in the maintenance and repair of our fleet. It gives us a competitive edge on the market.”

Source of article click here: Truck News

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Truck carrying RCMP cruisers flips on highway
Trucking News

A truck carrying two RCMP cruisers flipped on the Trans-Canada Highway, near Butter Pot Park, Monday afternoon. 

A photo posted on social media shows a truck and older model RCMP vehicle in a ditch off the eastbound lane of the TCH.

RCMP cruiser in ditch off TCH

Two older model RCMP cruisers and a truck were in the ditch off the Trans-Canada Highway Monday afternoon, after an accident in the eastbound lane. (Twitter/@ame_rose)

Police and other emergency responders got to the scene around 2:30 p.m., with traffic backing up past Solider's Pond, according to a witness on Twitter.

The tow truck had flipped, with one of the cruisers stuck underneath and the other on the embankment next to the truck.


Source of article click here: CBC NEWS

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Trucker gets 10-year sentence for trying to smuggle cocaine and meth over border
Trucking News

A bankrupt trucker who smuggled $6 million worth of drugs into Canada, in a desperate attempt to reverse his fortunes, was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison.

Wayne Douglas Rutherford, 63, who had been free on bail, was taken into custody as his wife sobbed in the gallery of a Windsor courtroom.

“I know I broke the law, I know I made a mistake,” Rutherford, who is from Colborne, Ont., told the judge before sentencing. “Most of my life I never broke the law and I always tried to help my friends. I know I made a mistake and I know I have to pay for it.”

Rutherford pleaded guilty in March to importing almost 47 kilograms of cocaine and 17 kilograms of methamphetamine, as well as possession of both drugs for the purpose of trafficking. The drugs combined had a street value of more than $6 million.

Federal prosecutor Richard Pollock asked the judge to sentence Rutherford to 14 years in prison. Rutherford’s Toronto lawyer, Joseph Caprara, was asking for nine to 12 years.

Superior Court Justice Christopher Bondy said he believed Rutherford, who has been married 30 years and has three kids, was motivated by profit after losing his trucking business, two farms and his home to bankruptcy.

The judge said it appeared Rutherford wasn’t smuggling the drugs in search of some high-flying, glamorous lifestyle, but rather to regain the life he had before his business went bankrupt.

Bondy also noted that Rutherford has expressed remorse and taken responsibility for his crime.

But Bondy added that a strong sentence was required for Rutherford, who had no previous criminal record, because cocaine and meth have “devastating effects” on users and society in general.

Rutherford is also facing drug conspiracy charges in Quebec and has said he intends to plead guilty there.

The trucker was caught Aug. 4, 2013 trying to cross the Ambassador Bridge with the drugs hidden behind a false panel in the trailer of his big rig.

Court heard in March that Rutherford had driven to California with friend Warren William Jeffrey, of St. Catharines. They were carrying a load of PVC pipes manufactured in Ontario. Court heard they delivered the pipes, then the drugs were loaded onto the truck in Sacramento.

The two friends also picked up a load of Montreal-bound tomatoes on Aug. 2. Rutherford dropped Jeffrey off in Michigan as he headed to the Ambassador Bridge.

Border officers X-rayed the truck and spotted an anomaly. They took out the tomatoes and found the false panel where the bricks of drugs were hidden.

After the sentencing Monday, Pollock withdrew charges against Jeffrey. When he pleaded guilty in March, Rutherford said his friend didn’t know anything about the drugs.

Source of article click here: Windsor Star

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Trucking HR Canada expands its efforts focusing on women in the industry
Trucking News

OTTAWA, Ont. – Trucking HR Canada has announced three new resources – My Toolbox for Mentoring Women, Inventory of Resources and a women in trucking video – as part of its Women With Drive initiative.

My Toolbox for Mentoring Woman is aimed at helping trucking employees, association groups, female drivers and others learn practical approaches to mentorship. It also includes three models – Online Peer Networks, One-on-One Mentoring Partnerships and Local Women’s Events – to accommodate various occupations, from drivers to office workers.

“Mentorship is a proven retention tool and we know that women in the industry are looking for more mentorship opportunities,” said Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. “In fact, when we surveyed women in the industry, offering more mentorship opportunities was cited as one of the top three things employers can do as a means of supporting women.”

Inventory of Resources has information on organizations, programs and networks supporting women, including links to programs focused on training, leadership development, mentorship and online forums.

Finally, the women in trucking video attempts to promote career opportunities in the industry other than driving.

“We highlight all the positive aspects of working in trucking,” said Splinter. “Supporting our goal in ensuring the industry attracts, recruits and retains the skilled workforce it needs – and that includes men and women.”

Source of article click here: Truck News

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Is camaraderie in trucking dead?
Trucking News

As I write this column, the news networks are rightly dominated by coverage of another mass shooting in the US, this time at an Orlando nightclub. It’s hard at times to comprehend the hatred that exists in this world anymore.

On a smaller scale, it’s all around us, even within the trucking industry. YouTube and Facebook and Twitter are full of shaming videos and images directed at truck drivers. Sadly, many are even posted by truck drivers. It seems just driving for the wrong company is enough to earn you the scorn of your peers.

I was recently chatting with a friend who complained of speeding trucks on Ontario’s Highways 11 and 17. He likes to stick to 90 km/h to maximize his fuel economy but he said the pressure from other truck drivers to go faster is constant. The belligerence over the CB radio has become little more than constant noise. Those airwaves used to be reserved for good-natured conversation and helpful warnings of potential hazards between drivers.

Fortunately, camaraderie is still on display at certain functions, even if you have to go look for it.

I spent a recent Saturday in Kitchener attending the Central Ontario Regional Truck Driving Championships. You can read coverage of that event, as well as the Toronto regionals, in this issue. What’s refreshing about the championships is that while every driver competes with hopes of winning, the support that exists among the participants is incredible.

Drivers help each other prepare, share tips and advice and root each other on. Back at their terminals they encourage new entrants to join and often gather prior to the event to practice with one another. Camaraderie is alive and well at the truck driving championships and you can find such competitions from coast to coast across Canada. It’s an event worth supporting.

Another event where camaraderie between drivers will be on full display is coming up over the Canada Day long weekend. The Clifford Antique Truck Show put on by the Great Lakes Truck Club will be held in Clifford, Ont. July 1-3. What a great way to enjoy the long weekend.

This event brings together truck enthusiasts from all over, and from multiple generations. They all share a passion for classic trucks. And the organizers are strict about the show’s mission. “Please no aerodynamic trucks newer than 1996,” they say on their poster. “Only trucks with classic-styled hoods with exposed air cleaners and stacks.”

This diligence about remaining true to their roots is what helps promote camaraderie at the event. Everyone who attends has a shared interest in classic iron. As the event has grown, organizers have resisted the urge to lose sight of their original purpose. The show isn’t about shiny new trucks or big name music acts or making money. General admission is $5. I hope to see you there.

No, camaraderie in trucking isn’t dead. You just need to know where to look for it.

Source of article click here:  Truck News

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Truck fire snarls traffic on Highway 401 near Woodstock, Ont.
Trucking News
Driver escapes without injury after vehicle goes up in flames

A deputy fire chief says a tractor trailor carrying food products caught fire on Highway 401 near Woodstock, Ont., due to "mechanical issues." (Colin Butler/CBC)

A tractor trailer that caught on fire caused a backup on the westbound lanes of Highway 401 in Blandford-Blenheim, Ont.

Kevin Harmer, deputy fire chief for the Blandford-Blenheim Township Fire Department, told CBC News that fire officials got the call Sunday at 9:40 a.m about a blaze located roughly 125 kilometres west of Toronto. 

He said a tractor trailer carrying food products caught on fire on the highway due to "mechanical issues," adding that the driver was able to get out safely and no injuries have been reported.

One lane is open at the scene but two right lanes are expected to be closed for about three to four hours, according to Harmer, who added traffic was backed up for several kilometres but should be clearing up now. 

If you are in the stretch of highway approaching Woodstock, Ont., please be sure to move over for emergency vehicles. 

truck fire

Traffic was backed up for several kilometres on the westbound lanes of Highway 401 after a truck fire Sunday in Blandford-Blenheim, Ont. (Colin Butler/CBC)

Source of article click here:  CBC NEWS

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Dicom partners for cross-border LTL and parcel service
Trucking News

Logo: Dicom Transportation Group Canada Inc. (CNW Group/Dicom Transportation Group Canada Inc.)

CHICAGO, IL —  Quebec’s Dicom Transportation Group has partnered with U.S.-based New Penn to include cross-border ground parcel services between the northeastern U.S. and Canada. 

On its website, Dicom states that 95% of its intra-country shipments deliver next-day, and it expects 95% of cross-border shipments to deliver on the second day. 

“This partnership will offer both Dicom and New Penn customers a seamless cross-border service with most lanes operating as a 24-hour service,” announced Dicom CEO Scott Dobak. 

Pennsylvannia-based New Penn is celebrating 85 years in transportation service. 

Dicom previously announced the expansion of its parcel services into the U.S., integrating the acquisition of its U.S. parcel network into its Canadian parcel network. The New Penn partnership allows Dicom to offer its customers both LTL and parcel services in a large footprint spanning all of Canada and the northeastern U.S.

Source of article click here: Today's Trucking

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Winners of third annual Top Fleet Employers program announced
Trucking News

OTTAWA, Ont. — Thirty-nine Canadian fleets were recognized in the third annual Top Fleet Employers program, Trucking HR Canada announced today. 

Fleets of every size were rated on topics such as employee recognition, compensation, lifestyle, employee engagement, wellness, professional development, recruitment and retention.

“These 39 fleets demonstrate a commitment to effective human resources approaches, and all have best practices to share,” said Angela Splinter, chief executive officer of Trucking HR Canada. “These fleets are leading by example, and we commend them for their leadership in demonstrating that the trucking industry offers great places to work.”

The 2016 honors are awarded to:

  • Atlantica (New Brunswick)
  • Arnold Bros. Transport (Manitoba)
  • Bison Transport (Manitoba)
  • Brian Kurtz Trucking (Ontario)
  • Canaan Shipping Co. (British Columbia)
  • Canada Cartage (National)
  • Cavalier Transportation Services (Ontario) 
  • Challenger Motor Freight (Ontario)
  • Drive Logistics (Ontario)
  • Edge Transportation Services (Saskatchewan) 
  • Erb Transport (National)
  • HI-WAY 9 Group of Companies (Alberta)
  • Home Hardware Stores (National)
  • J&R Hall Transport (Ontario)
  • JG Drapeau (Ontario)
  • Joseph Haulage Canada Corp. (Ontario)
  • Kindersley Transport (Saskatchewan)
  • Kriska Transportation (Ontario)
  • Liberty Linehaul (Ontario)
  • Linamar Transportation (Ontario)
  • Logikor . (Ontario)
  • MacKinnon Transport (Ontario)
  • Meyers Transport  (Ontario)
  • Midland Transport (New Brunswick)
  • Q-Line Trucking  (Saskatchewan)
  • Rosedale Transport (National)
  • Rosenau Transport (Alberta)
  • Ryder Canada – Supply Chain Solutions (National)
  • Sleeman Breweries (Ontario)
  • SLH Transport  (National)
  • Steed Standard Transport (Ontario)
  • Sutco Transportation Specialists (British Columbia) 
  • Tandet (National)
  • The Brick (Canada)
  • Trailer Wizards (National)
  • Transpro Freight Systems (Ontario)
  • Transport Transbro (Québec)
  • Triton Transport  (Western Canada)
  • Westcan Bulk Transport (Alberta)

Applications for 2017 will open November 1, 2016, Trucking HR Canada confirmed.

Source of article click here: Truck News

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La Fontaine Tunnel reopened after truck mishap snarls traffic for kilometres
Trucking News
All lanes were reopened at 3 p.m., about 3 hours after accident occurred

Traffic has now started moving again southbound on Highway 25 towards the La Fontaine tunnel, after Transports Québec officials completed an inspection of a wall struck by a tractor-trailer at around noon. (Radio-Canada)

An accident involving multiple tractor-trailers caused a kilometres-long traffic jam on the Montreal side of the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel for about three hours Thursday afternoon.

Transports Québec said the trucks collided at the southbound entrance of the tunnel around noon.

Two of three lanes were closed in the southbound direction as crews inspected the tunnel wall.

Traffic was backed up for at least eight kilometres.

Sûreté du Québec spokeswoman Sgt. Joyce Kemp said one person was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Lafontaine Tunnel collision

Several trucks collided at the southbound entrance to the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel early Thursday afternoon, causing a kilometres-long traffic jam.

Source of article click here: CBC NEWS

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